Sunday SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood Colorado

Come and be a part of the largest women’s mountain bike event in the world at the 10th Annual Beti Bike Bash! Whether you like to ride, race or just enjoy getting outside with your friends, the Beti Bike Bash brings together the cycling community in a unique and supportive environment. 


NEVER EVER: You are a true beginner racer, new to the sport of mountain bike racing, never raced our event or any other MTB event. No race experience necessary, however we do recommend you are comfortable on twisty, loose singletrack. 8 miles may take finishers :40 minutes to just over an 1 hour. You can only race this category once so if you’ve previously raced “NEVER EVER”, please upgrade to Beginner or Sport. RACE DISTANCE: 8 miles

BEGINNER: You have raced once or three times, maybe you race our event every year and know what racing 8 miles is like. May take finishers :45min to over an hour. RACE DISTANCE 8 miles.

NEW MOM: We know so many of you are off the bike during your pregnancy and many more months after. We still want you to participate and be a part of this special day. While we aren’t checking dates on birth certificates, if you have a little one at home under the age of 18 months, this is your category! If you’ve looked at your dusty mountain bike in the garage and wondered when you are going to get back out, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Get on the start line with the other sleep-depreived mom’s and be cheered in by your husbands, wives, other moms, grandparents, and kiddos! Same distance as the Beginner/Never Ever racers. RACE DISTANCE: 8 miles.

SPORT: Typically our most popular category. You have raced a few times, you might be on race team. You are confident that 12 miles can be ridden non-stop and enjoy a good challenge from a shorter mile race. Fitness is usually more in tune with the distance. Race times- :50 min to 1:20. RACE DISTANCE: 12 miles.

FAT BIKE: You know who you are. Tire size MUST BE >3.5″.
RACE DISTANCE: 12 miles (If we don’t have more than 5 Fat Bike racers, we will combine you with the sport results).

PRO/EXPERT/SINGLESPEED: You are a seasoned racer, you race a lot, a veteran, you plan your summer around your “A” Race. You have several race kits from many different teams. Maybe you have raced for a couple of years or even decades(!). You might be so lucky to make a living off the sport, or have get a nice discount at your local bike shop. Single Speed are strong women who like to race with ONE GEAR! RACE DISTANCE: Pro/Expert/SS: 16 miles

JUNIORS: we’ve tweaked this each year based on feedback from Little Bellas and parents. If your daughter can handle the full course 3 mile lap multiple times, then by all means have her race Beginner, Sport, or even adult Expert categories. If she is new to racing and is 14& under, have her give it a go at 2, 3, or 4 laps of the 0.8 mile course. It’s better to have her want to finish strong and want to come back, then barely making it 4 miles at the end in tears and walking her bike. RACE DISTANCE: @1 miles to @3 miles for 14 and under, or if entered in adult category, same as adult category.

Tentative Schedule

Race start times are approximate and are subject to change on race day. Specific wave starts will be posted prior to race day on Facebook and BBB Newsletter sent the week of the event. On race day, our announcer will keep you informed of any changes.

Category # laps miles start time
:: Jr Beginner (15 – 18) :: 2 :: 8 :: 8:00
:: Beginner :: 2 :: 8 :: 8:00
:: Never Ever :: 2 :: 8 :: 8:08
:: New Moms :: 2 :: 8 :: 8:14
:: Jr Sport (15-18) :: 3 :: 12 :: 9:30
:: Sport :: 3 :: 12 :: 9:32
:: Fat Bike :: 3 :: 12 :: 9:40
:: Kids Race (7 and under) :: TBD :: 1 :: 10:00
:: Pro / Open Women :: 4 :: 16 :: 11:15
:: Expert / Single Speed :: 4 :: 16 :: 11:17
:: Little Bellas’s Jr Beti Race (8-14) :: 1 – 3 :: 1-3 :: 1:00

race feeZ

$85 :: Professional / Open Women
$80 :: 19+ Never Ever, Beginner, Sport, Expert, Single Speed
$35 ::  All Junior Categories 18 & Under
Free :: Kid’s Race 7 and under

You get a great swag bag that includes an Official Twin 6 Race Tee and goodies from our loyal sponsors


The EXPO area will feature many of our fantastic sponsors. Post race sustenance provided. We are encouraging everyone to carpool to the event.  We are also asking everyone to lessen our impact to the park as it recovers.

Cancellation Policy


We will transfer your registration to another racer for $10. Any fees you wish to recoup are between you and your replacement. All transfers are for the current year – there are no transfers to future years.


Due to the enormous amount of working and planning that goes into the preparation for this event there are no refunds. If you don’t race and are unable to transfer your registration you can take your fee as a tax deductible donation to our non-profit partner. Please contact us if you need a receipt. If the race is rescheduled due to weather we will modify the cancellation policy.